Alleged faux Hermes seller ‘banned’ from high society

An uptown mover-and-shaker made the grave, grave error of messing with the socialite set’s Birkins. And now he is facing a vengeance that burns with the of heat a thousand Cire Trudon candles, it seems.

Page Six reported that connected writer George Mickum had been accused scamming socials by allegedly selling them fake Hermes purses, a claim he calls “absurd and false.”

And now we’re told that he’s been sentenced to a fate worse than death for his alleged crime — excommunication from high society.

“The word is out,” tolled a fabulously dramatic insider, as if describing some kind of wizards’ tribunal from the Lord of the Harry Winston Rings. “You can’t sell the guy a ticket [to any charity event] and no one’s supposed to bring him. A wall is being built up in society to prevent him from entering.”

A photo of George Mickum and Sally A. Painter.
Mickum allegedly leveraged his mother Sally A. Painter’s connections to enter New York society.
Sally Painter/Facebook

“Society is asking everyone to even name their [plus ones], so he can’t slip in,” an insider told Page Six.

They added, “The door is slammed shut! People are blocking him on Instagram, social media, blocking his emails, his phone numbers. Nobody seriously social or with substance is talking to him.”

Another source told us they’ve alerted society playgrounds like the Polo Bar, Zero Bond, and Aman to our article in an effort to keep him out.

“Everyone knows and is talking about it. No one wants to see him anywhere,” they claim.

A selfie of Hannah Stella and George Mickum.
Mickum’s Birkin collector pal Hannah Stella claims he sent her to a fake Hermes appointment.

Meanwhile, Mickum’s (presumably former) “very, very good” friend, Hannah Stella, has revealed her own Hermes horror story.

On Thursday, she posted on TikTok claiming Mickum sent her to what turned out to be a non-existent “appointment with Michael Coste, the head of VIP sales for Hermes Paris.”

Coste is know the world over as the gatekeeper to the notoriously over-subscribed bags.

Stella posted a TikTok video about her Hermes experience with Mickum.

“Two summers ago, I left Hotel du Cap-Eden Roc a day early,” she said on the video, painting an already bleak scene.

“George sent me to that appointment and the appointment did not exist… I was mortified and started sobbing, crying in the Hermes store,” she said.

Stella later told Page Six that she wasn’t crying about the bag. “The emotion was about the human relationship component. I was embarrassed and confused because it was my good friend. I didn’t know what there was to gain,” she said.

The writer, who collects Birkins, told us, “I was shocked by the allegations against George because I can’t imagine exploiting my friends in [the way he is alleged to have done].”

Mickum chalked up the mishap to him being “on the naughty list” and “the power dynamics of Hermes,” Stella claimed.

“He was like, ‘Michael [Coste] is moody. Don’t worry about it.’ He made it seem like he had overstepped or sent too many people and angered Michael, so he was taking it out on him,” she remembered.

A photo of Hannah Stella and George Mickum.
Stella says her sympathy for Mickum has evaporated.

“I didn’t really push him about it. I kind of noted it in my mind as something that happened… at the time, it wasn’t that big of a deal and I got an appointment the next day,” she said.

Stella described her pal as “very dynamic, and authentic,” but now, she says, “My sympathy for George has totally evaporated. He’s a charismatic guy and all of that is true, but it seems like he was just using people and [is] so calculating. Gross.”

It’s not just the murky Birkins, it seems. After we published our story, Avenue Magazine published its own piece accusing Mickum of tricking his high society friends into purchasing fake jewelry “to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

Mickum was also an agent for real estate giant Douglas Elliman, but his profile was removed from its site after our story was published.

The firm declined to comment when we reached out.

Mickum did not get back to us.

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