Alyssa Milano Details Her Long COVID Battle: 'Every Symptom Imaginable' | NBC New York

Actress Alyssa Milano still struggles with lingering symptoms, such as fatigue, heart palpitations, and shortness of breath, over two …


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46 thoughts on “Alyssa Milano Details Her Long COVID Battle: 'Every Symptom Imaginable' | NBC New York”

  1. Get angry at the Democrats, Biden and Fauci and Gates darling, remember they ALL said if you get two shots of the nasty juice then you wouldn't even get Covid!

  2. Alyssa never mentioned a few symptoms that I have with long covid. I developed severe rashes on my upper eyelids and terrible blurred vision. I would get this thick white curtain going across my right eye all the time, it would freak me out. I developed sharp shooting pains in my shins that would shoot out of the end of my toes, eventually, some of my toenails turned black and dropped off. I first developed Covid in mid-March 2020 which was very mild, but at the end of April, I became very unwell with covid, especially with severe shortness of breath and fatigue that was so bad, I could not sit up in bed…….It is now November 2022, and although I work, i still struggle with a kind of brain fog, bouts of sob and severe tiredness, as for my poor eyelids, I now look as though i have been crying for a week and they are permanently pink and become very tight and sore. Still, at least I am still here

  3. Did You know that SARS COV2 better replicate at very low tissue temperature?
    At TWiV 659 at min29 virologist Christian Drosten indicate that to replicate SARS COV2 in different tissues in laborator incubator temperature must be decreased.
    May be high body temperature protect against SARS COV2 infection and reinfections, and If,, long covid,, occur prevent erytrocyte aggregation at low blood temperature.
    May be acetylcysteine decrease blood viscousity, secondary to tendency of erytrocyte aggregation?
    May be sleep bags protect at night against relative hypothermia.
    Mask wearing increase also mucoseal respiratory temperature.

  4. Zinc, Vitamins C&D, stop all dairy, eliminate stress,(yes you can eliminate stress) put yourself above all, I have a compromised immune system and I choose to continue wearing a mask

  5. I know tons of unvaxed ppl that got Covid and they didn’t get the long Covid. Many that I know that got jabbed and got Covid, got these symptoms. This is a plandemic of the vaccinated- sorry that’s just a fact

  6. It's being vulnerable to anything. Poor me I have problems. The experimental emergency pseudo vaccines and boosters.
    You got controlled & now you complain.
    Humans are weak & then fuss about " help me" too stupid to live their lives.

  7. Thing is, Covid damages a bit of everything there is inside the body, with the two major targets being the tissues relating to the brain and the lungs. Damaged brain and lung tissues can never be repaired. That is how horrible Covid could be.

  8. Pray you have a speedy recovery like the rest of us dealing with long Covid, it’s brutal, it’s depressing, I pray everyday we all have the strength to make it through this. 🙁

  9. eucalyptus oil you breath it in ; wheat grass juice buy or grow it buy wheat grass juicer ; royal body care =microhydrin this puts electron into ageing cells ; study Bible and prayer see matt 24 ; rev 8v7

  10. Once tainted Meat …always tainted Meat: it is a lab created Vybrid- there is no killing it off:

    You all know who should have been arrested for it and mass murder also … … …right !!! – Every finger involved !!!
    That fact was masked over by various other … … …
    …Our main Dappler- Doolittler Dr. has now become infected 6-16-22 …welcome to the club Sir …and good luck.
    Karma is as Karma does !

    Wishing you the best Ms. Milano …you're still as beautiful as ever inside and out … … …and all else! 🙂 ♎⚖️✝️🤍

  11. You LITERALLY described my last 6 months since I caught covid in Dec 2021… I had pneumonia with it and am not the same since… I was blessed to find the recommendation she made for Nioxin for my hair loss. I was loosing SOOO much hair I though I was going to be bald, literally clumps in the shower and when I brushed… now I have to use an inhaler… numbness and tingling "ants" feelings in my hands/arms and feet/legs… trouble breathing still, brain fog and forgetfulness still, exhaustion… fatigue… it's nuts considering I was healthy and active before.

  12. Ok I think shes blaming every problem a 50 yo woman has on covid like her hair. This woman's a professional victim. These things are going on but they won't listen to us if we have longterm problems, she's doing it for attention

  13. Its not up to the government to determine how I treat my health care…
    If you want the covid vaccine, then you do you…
    If I dont, ill do Me…
    And Yes I had it in January of 2020 before they advised us what it actually was, and yes I have long term issues from it…but im not going to preach what someone else should do or not do to their own bodies…
    Freedom of choice, unfunded by The Government…

  14. I can relate to this I was very sick in February 2020. Went to the hospital was giving Tylenol and told I have an upper respiratory infection and sent home the next month everything was shut down. I haven't been the same since 2 years later and I am still suffering this is crazy.

  15. You can thank Gain of Function research for Covid or “long Covid”. Our government organizations need STRONG oversight and thorough auditing. No funding NGOs to weasel a way around unlawful and dangerous testing. If we don’t want MORE genetically man made viruses to escaping labs again-we need a serious crackdown on organizations like the NIAID. NOW

  16. Nobody buys into the covid scare anymore. Especially when the vaxxed are catching it more frequently with worse outcome than the unvaxxed. Mix in natural immunity being confirmed and acknowledged you have zero leverage to force a entire population to take the experimental jab. Then if you take into account the novavax is approved almost globally but the u.s says no you must take Pfizer. Hmm 😒 doesn't take a genius to question that one. Then yu have the fact there's a confirmed 99.6 percent survival rate. On top of 9 pages of side effects from the vaccine. Lol let it go people. Unless you can convince the entire world to bow which will never happen. Your just running in a psychotic circle of fear

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