BLONDE | From Writer and Director Andrew Dominik | Official Trailer | Netflix

Discover a life both known and unknown in this boldly imaginative film from Writer and Director Andrew Dominik that explores the …


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48 thoughts on “BLONDE | From Writer and Director Andrew Dominik | Official Trailer | Netflix”

  1. Writing a Netflix film short review, many viewers are left feeling angry and betrayed, well frustrated after watching "Blonde", as they felt the actress had been unjustly paid. It was unclear who had made the decision to pay the actress and for what purpose, instead of taking the viewers on a journey and allowing them to experience the story for themselves. Unfortunately, many viewers felt they were instead being bombarded with yet another storytelling about rape and sexual assault, which only serves to reinforce the idea that all the self-proclaimed starlets are full of drama and sensationalism about their own sexual experiences. Many viewers were hoping for a more compelling story, and are instead left feeling cheated.

  2. Blonde is the worst trashing of a person’s legacy of any movie I’ve even seen. And all just to make a buck. Researchers have delved into some of the sordid scenes they have Monroe involved in in this film. No historical facts or personal accounts of Norma Jean’s mother ever trying to drown her in a bathtub, no evidence of a three-some with two men and a subsequent abortion, or of the JFK bedroom scene. Everyone involved in making this abomination should be ashamed of themselves.

  3. I made it to the sex scene with her and two guys and stopped. Getting really tired of Netflix allowing so much sex in movies. If i wanted that I got it at home or watching a porn. I want to watch a movie about an amazing woman/actress. Just killed it for me. Disrespectful to Miss Monroe if the only thing you recall of her is sex. RIP Marilyn

  4. The life that she had she never liked it. Why do ppl like to boasts so much about it? She was married and was fine but the moment she decided to join movies her life became miserable.

  5. Another Marilyn Munro movie we didn’t ask for & certainly do NOT need same story over & over pls let this woman rest in her grave. Enough! You keep exploiting this woman even in death, what’s the purpose of yearly movies about Marilyn’s life if not for profit. This was sickening to watch I’m outraged!!! This porno negative movie belongs in the trash can!

  6. This is one of the saddest movies I've ever seen. If this was truly an accurate portrayal of how her life was, she was treated like shit by so many, especially the men of Hollywood. So disgusting and heartbreaking

  7. Ana should win an oscar………..through out the movie i can feel her despair and anguish and the loneliness! the tears are flowing like breathing the air! not too comfortable with too much boobs…the rest are worthwhile watching!

  8. Stayed up until 1am last night, watching. I used to be a hard core fan of Marilyn’s. I was featured in a MM SHOWTIME doc in 1993 produced by Joshua Greene, who’s dad Milton Greene was MM’s production company partner. I sold almost 200 original oil on canvas paintings of MM, read 15 different biographical books (including the one this was based on) I lived in Brentwood and one day noticed, looking at my Thomas guide map, that if you draw a straight line from point A (her house, where she died) to her crypt in Westwood Memorial cemetery, I spent half my life exactly on the middle of that line. I noticed poltergeist in my apt when doing this research and painting the paintings. I was famous for a night at the premiere of “life after death” in Palm Springs. In short, I know ALOT about MM. In the movie, I instantly knew what where when, etc etc without having to be told.
    What did I think? Brilliant tour de force. Acting, direction, art design, editing AMAZING. Best of all was the soundtrack which was always exactly what we needed. Ana brought MM alive like few have done. Made me fall in love w her all over again- BOTH MM and Ana.
    But now the less than perfect: 1. Why so much gratuitous nudity? I found the producers doing the same exact thing to Ana as Hollywood had done to MM- sexualizing her over the top.
    Shame on Brad Pitt et all for that. Disgusting vile scene of MM performing fellatio on a sitting POTUS who’s discussing the Cuban missile crisis? Did I have to see this? I cant un-see it. Shame on you again! Then there is the ending. This movie, just like ELVIS, started w a bang, ended w a wimper. MM’s death was waaaay more complicated than this account. I know it was based on the book but still…
    The truth is, its well known that MM kept a diary. She was privy to insider info on the Bay of Pigs. She threatened to go public. A press conference was planned for monday; she died (killed?) on saturday….hmmmm

    Overall, its still a phenomenal near biblical parable that proves the bible is true- men are inherently wicked. No amount of social engineering or sensitivity training will ever fix humanity. Even the “good guys” like JFK were not good. Even MM- one of the sweetest souls who ever lived, was completely messed up and much of it was her own poor choices. We are all sinners. We all need salvation and if you watch this and dont get it, You need to wake up. In Chris Rock’s immortal words from an award show long ago, RUN TO CHURCH!!!!🎉

  9. A highly intelligent women treated awful throughout her life, put on the highest pedestal possible, discarded like trash, used instead of helped and eventually murdered by the Mob. Norma Jean was beautifully imperfect and she didn't deserve 36 years of torture from the people supposed to love her, take care of her and treat her right. Her lifestory is heartbreaking. I sincerely hope that Norma Jean has found the perfect Peace 💕💋

  10. Even though Ana De Armas is a very talented actress, no doubt and I guess she developed the character really well, but the movie was an absolute disgrace, dialogs poorly written, a lot of senseless nudity throughout the film, the characters are flat and 2 dimensional. Marilyn is portrayed as a tragic victim who never experienced an ounce of authentic joy in her life. She is shown as a weak, trembling, deeply troubled, infantile, with mommy issues, daddy issues, borderline personality disorder, chronic depression and anxiety, but worst of all, completely stupid. Her stupidity was so annoyingly persistent, that I couldn't even finish the movie. Gratuitous nudity and sex scenes (especially with the President) and the abortion scenes from inside the uterus are absolutely disgusting. I understand she was extremely lonely and had a lot of mental issues, but she wasn't only that, she was smart, talented, kind, ambitious woman. Even though I am not a fun of Marilyn Monroe – the movie is an insult to her intelligence and her name. It was awful and painful to watch.

  11. Blonde, one of the few movies that received both Oscar and Razzie nominations at the same time.

    While the incredible Ana de Armas received an Oscar nom for Best Actress (she’s the only bright spot in this movie), the film also got a whopping 8 Razzie nominations in the following categories:

    Worst Picture

    Worst Director & Screenplay for Andrew Dominik

    Worst Remake, Rip-Off or Sequel

    Worst Supporting Actor x2 for Xavier Samuel and Evan Williams

    Worst Screen Combo x2 for Andrew Dominik and his issues with women & Both real life characters in the fallacious White House bedroom scene

  12. Whenever American actors do such heinous accents they are raked over the coals. I don't understand why she gets a free pass. It was so distracting to me I honestly don't remember the movie itself, she's a fine actress I just wish they'd used someone else for this movie. Casting is important.

  13. The best so far on MM. To see how she was used and abused by all around her, starting with her mother. It is a reminder of what kind of world we live in.

  14. The trailer was SO BEAUTIFUL! It looked so promising and artistic and I was so excited about it. The movie itself sadly was bad. Ana de Armas is great actress but I feel role didn't fit her. It's not secret Marilyn was broken person in many ways and that she was abused by many men in the industry but it's not all she was! she also had great spirit and great intelligence this movie is to one dimensional.

  15. I honestly think the casting could’ve been better for such an iconic role. Not only does Ana not look anything like Marilyn both in her face and her body (which was curvier and a huge part of her identity and her advocacy for women), her accent is extremely distracting because Marilyn sounded nothing like this and had no type of Hispanic accent. The film also never moves forward. They portrayed Marilyn as this super innocent, always depressed person which is not a convincing reality. Even people who are depressed still experience joy and aren’t always completely the victim in everything they do. There was no balance in the film and felt like it never landed. Poor casting, poor writing and all I can say is that the film noir essences were beautiful to look at in some scenes but other than that I would never recommend it.

  16. "Marilyn Monroe Is Dead," said the radio announcer in August of 1962. Hollywood spin was, "suicide." Police on scene claims, "A Murder Has Been Committed Here!" Be assured … the police was 100% right !!

  17. It seems that many movies made today show that when a woman sleeps around and uses her body for pleasure, it's a great thing. However, when a man wants pleasure, it's a bad thing, it's "toxic". Yes, obviously in the case of MM, she was taken advantage of at times. But this idea where if you're with someone and they want a bj and that's a "bad" thing, or if you choose to do something because you THINK you have to, then label the man a "bad" man for wanting you, its just toxic femininity.

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