41 thoughts on “Dennis Rodman Secret Video **LEAKED**”

  1. Big D! Friend! U are U man all you nothing more Nothing less! God put you here . Now!
    Fantastic message to show us that each of US MATTER TO WHOLE!
    U r incredible!
    Keep being U and sharing you with us !
    Peace my man!
    Be at peace!
    You’re loved by many !!

  2. All those years playing basketball on the highest level of the game, all the championship years with Mike and Scottie, all the drinking druging and partying after, this man even broke his dick a few times, married himself and now all we see is what's left…GOD bless Dennis Rodman for some of the best basketball people have ever witnessed…you are definitely one of a kind

  3. I pray you can begin to forgive and heal yourself and see that your more than nothing…More than a blank canvas..You are Somebody Special and you have changed lives…None of us is perfect..Be Blessed!! DETROIT PISTONS FOREVER!!

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