Donald Trump Junior Gets Humiliated By Jimmy Kimmel

During an interview on CNN this week, Jimmy Kimmel obliterated Donald Trump, Jr. for his disgusting attempt at humor by making …


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27 thoughts on “Donald Trump Junior Gets Humiliated By Jimmy Kimmel”

  1. You gotta be a serious piece of work to find any humor absolutely at all in some young guy going into an 80 year old man’s house and hitting him over the head with a hammer. Something is wrong with you if you think there’s anything funny in that. I will go a step further and say that if you are not outraged by somebody attacking an innocent old man with a hammer just because they don’t like his wife’s politics and find that you are unwilling to call for this person to be thrown in jail for life for doing it, there is something wrong with you. I remember how all these Republicans kept on pointing to the Hunter Biden stuff and why didn’t he go to jail and why was everybody harping on this attacker? Thing is, it doesn’t matter. They are two separate crimes. Hunter Biden is one thing and this attacker and would be murderer is something completely else. The fact that somebody actually tries to conflate the two or somehow associate the two in their mind says a lot about how crazy the right has gotten.

  2. How would They feel if it had happen to someone in Their Family. If the republicans think hitting the (Speaker of the House's Husband) in the head is funny They should look at one of Their older Family Members and think how funny that would be. We need prayer and lots of Mercy.

  3. They are very sick angry people and they are playing to the most base of our society and their nature ! Alex Jones is continuing to pay for his vile sickness ! I've actually seem animals come to the rescue of another injured or hunted animal but these people lack even that much compassion. UNFUCKINGBELIEVABLE !!!

  4. This segment was well said but to add to that; the type of people that love comedians are just generally people that have logic, common sense, are well informed, are educated and are fed up. Comedians in general are highly intelligent and wise. Typically black and Jewish comedians have to make fun of the crazy because of the adversity they face daily so rather than going insane – laugh at the inanity.

  5. Just remember the Trump family is on their way down. They do not matter to the American people any more. They are old news shut the chapter on the Trump family they’re done

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