EastEnders fans predict shocking plot twist for Stacey Slater

EastEnders fans are predicting a shocking plot twist for Stacey Slater.

The single mum is struggling in the BBC soap at the moment.

Will Stacey turn to prostitution in EastEnders? But is it a twist too far? (Credit: BBC)

Viewers have watched as she has been rocked by daughter Lily falling pregnant aged just 12.

And with the cost of living crisis hitting Stacey and her family hard, she’s facing a really tough time.

They have seen how her burgeoning bap business has been left floundering after a robbery.

Her child maintenance for Lily from her dad Ryan Malloy has been slashed to the bare minimum.

And a cruel rent rise from the Panesars has meant it’s been a struggle for Stacey to put food on the table.

She has even been seen desperate for just pence to buy milk for her brood.

EastEnders shock for Stacey Slater

Earlier this week EastEnders boss Chris Clement teased a major storyline coming up for Stacey.

And he said she will be doing something she has “never done before”.

“It’s a big year for the Slaters this year,” Chris said during an appearance on Loose Women.

“Stacey is currently trying to protect her family and she is really finding the cost-of-living crisis quite difficult, as well as coming to terms with the fact her 12-year-old daughter is pregnant.

“This year, we will see Stacey do something that she has not done before and go to quite extreme lengths to protect her family. Lillia Turner, who plays Lily, is just doing a phenomenal job as well.”

Now fans think they have worked out what Stacey will do.

They are convinced she will turn to prostitution in an effort to earn enough money for her kids.

One said: “We know Stacey does something for her family soon, with a strong possibility she goes into prostitution.

Stacey looks worried in a hospital corridor on EastEnders - behind her, Ryan approaches (Credit: BBC)
Stacey has been struggling for months in EastEnders but will she go on the game? (Credit: BBC)

Fans have huge theory for Stacey Slater

“It does seem a huge swerve for her character and not a route you would expect Stacey to go down.

“We have seen characters turning to prostitution before. Pat, Janine, Rainie, Mary.

“It will be interesting to see where it takes Stacey. Putting herself in danger for her family.

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“With Janine, we saw Ian pay her for sex. I couldnt see an existing male character paying Stacey for sex but who knows.”

A second agreed: “I’m really not keen on this as a storyline for Stacey – but it does seem to be implied that it’s the route she’s going to take.”

A third said they knew who would pay her for sex: “Nish immediately springs to mind from the current cast – and then using it against her down the line.”

EastEnders usually airs weeknights at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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