EXCLUSIVE: Stephen Belafonte breaks his silence on Mel B

Stephen Belafonte has broken his silence over his very public and ‘dirty’ divorce from Mel B, in an exclusive interview with …


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45 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Stephen Belafonte breaks his silence on Mel B”

  1. His answers are so calculated, never admitting or denying anything wholeheartedly but focusing on her alleged drug and alcohol use and lack of physical evidence to discredit her. Geezzzzz textbook abuser.

  2. Him a victim ?
    NO WAY ,do you think he is the one to be quiet and a loyal husband ?
    Do you think he looks loyal or caring I don’t think so looks like he will hurt anyone .

  3. I don't know him (obviously) and he already comes across as the kind of person everyone says he is. He's happy to talk about Melanie so much but never takes any blame at all. At least Mel does talk about HER OWN flaws and how she wasn't perfect either.

  4. Listening to her book on Audible. Love her courage and honesty. This guy totally love bombed her at a very vulnerable time in her life and she suffered terrible narcissistic abuse from him. The narrator for her book has captured the essence of Mel B perfectly. Loved her as a Spice Girl and still love her now. ❤️

  5. he claims it's 100% her fault.. he takes 0% responsibility.
    but she gives much more context, takes responsibility for her actions, but also places blame on him for his actions.
    this is a huge red flag on his part.

  6. He made all these justifications and thought about his line of reasoning. I remember when Mel B missed the X factor final(the Saturday)(was the biggest show in the country) and the next day she had bruises all over her body in the Sunday final. Then I knew she was being abused, before she ever came out with her story.

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