Giada De Laurentiis' Big Batch Aperol Spritz

Who doesn’t love a spritz, especially dining al fresco with friends! This big batch spritz is easy to whip up and so colorful, delicious …





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13 thoughts on “Giada De Laurentiis' Big Batch Aperol Spritz”

  1. That’s an aperitif they drink in Venice all the time – that’s where I learned about that drink and the history which I don’t remember – it’s not very popular in France though but only because the French don’t like the bitter as much but this is one of my favorite drinks

  2. Salute! so delicious and beautiful during summer time.. 🍷👩‍🍳

    Would beautiful chef ever make cassata ricotta??! That would really be delicious and fun… 🍰🥰

  3. I’m a chef with a genetically sensitive bitter gene (It served me very well when I was working). There is no way I would be able to drink this and I knew it stopping by but well… Giada is the yum in this video

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