Harlem’s Tyler Lepley On Season 2, Long P-Valley Schedules


Speaking of relationships, you met your girlfriend Miracle Watts on the set of P-Valley. What first attracted you to her, and now that you know her better, what do you find most attractive about her now?

I think what attracted me to her the most is the same thing that attracted me to this role, which is we all love a certain gaiety, or a certain cheerfulness, or a shiny exterior. She’s a beautiful woman. And, you know, Harlem has Tracy Oliver and Meagan Good, and it’s Amazon…you know, the shiny packages. Underneath that there’s like a complexity that I look for in anything that I involve myself with, whether it’s a role or whether it’s a relationship. Just that juxtaposition of who she was; yes, she’s this one way on the surface, but underneath that is something that I need, something that I can connect with, and something that will feed me for the long run.

I’m saying the same thing with Harlem. It’s not just a show I’m coming on to smile on the big screen and collect some money. It’s something that I really have a passion for and something that I really believe in. I love that Ian is this man of process, trying to figure out who he is and what he stands for, because that’s who I am. I feel like we all have a sense of that and who we are as humans.

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