How Colin Farrell Quit Alcohol For 15 Years

In today’s video I will be sharing how Colin Farrell overcame his alcohol addiction and became the success that he is today.


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14 thoughts on “How Colin Farrell Quit Alcohol For 15 Years”

  1. I haven’t drank for five years now,apart from 4 tins of beer that I had,3 weeks ago,for a change.
    I haven’t had any thing else since.
    Did I ‘fall off of the wagon’, or just have some beers?

  2. Although Karl Marx had drunk alcohol before he joined the Trier Tavern Club drinking society in the 1830s, after he had joined the club he began to drink more heavily and continued to do so throughout his whole life.
    Marx was afflicted by poor health (what he himself described as "the wretchedness of existence") and various authors have sought to describe and explain it. His biographer Werner Blumenberg attributed it to liver and gall problems which Marx had in 1849 and from which he was never afterward free, exacerbated by an unsuitable lifestyle. The attacks often came with headaches, eye inflammation, neuralgia in the head, and rheumatic pains. A serious nervous disorder appeared in 1877 and protracted insomnia was a consequence, which Marx fought with narcotics. The illness was aggravated by excessive nocturnal work and faulty diet. Marx was fond of highly seasoned dishes, smoked fish, caviare, pickled cucumbers, "none of which are good for liver patients", but he also liked wine and liqueurs and smoked an enormous amount "and since he had no money, it was usually bad-quality cigars". From 1863, Marx complained a lot about boils: "These are very frequent with liver patients and may be due to the same causes". The abscesses were so bad that Marx could neither sit nor work upright. According to Blumenberg, Marx's irritability is often found in liver patients.

  3. Leon, you said that Colin used rehab as a “preventative measure”. Your videos are my preventative measure. I used a book to change my perception of alcohol in October last year and it worked really well. I do, however, occasionally start to wonder what it would be like to get drunk again, just once. I don’t crave it, I just sit on my couch if I have nothing else going on and think “maybe if I just drank 12 cans of Stella now and just see what happens”.

    Your videos instantly re-assure me that I am living a much better life without any alcohol and they also remind me that alcohol is nothing more than a poison, plus they are really quite fun to watch. You have some great editing going on and the content is fresh.

    God Bless you and please keep up the great work.

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