Inside Jennifer Hudson & David Otunga's MESSY Relationship

Jennifer Hudson had her eye on Harvard Law graduate David Otunga, and when they finally met, they hit it off immediately.


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47 thoughts on “Inside Jennifer Hudson & David Otunga's MESSY Relationship”

  1. I love Jennifer but I don't believe she would allow anyone to emotionally abuse her. I've seen her snap on Jimmy Fallon who called David Punk and she said first off his name is David and he is a Harvard Lawyer. Jimmy looked like he had been slapped. She can be tough and not fearful at all. I doubt he pushed her either, he doesn't seem like that type of guy. He signed everything she demanded he sign. What conniving man does that?

  2. You have to be a complete fool to be engaged to a African-American woman for 10 years and she doesn't marry you…….and you know in your heart she's putting her career in front of your relationship

  3. David disappeared from Jennifer in 2014 because he was still a WWE wrestler and they have a crazy year round schedule. So if you're going to give "tea" tell both sides. he wrestled for 5 yrs through WWE and when you wrestle for them, their schedules are year round and there's no off-season. So I'm pretty sure that played a part in them not getting married immediately.

  4. I couldn't look at her the same way after this. She's starting all these rumors, yet there's barely any evidence and he's kept it cordial until he had to clap back.

  5. I don't trust her? 🤔 She seems sneaky!?!?… That man loved her and her son, and her son loves him too, and that says a lot!!! She just do not come off as being an honest person to me…but that's just my opinion…🤨🧐😉

  6. Jennifer go forward, not backwards. Take a brake and think things out. Ben has a drinking and gambling problem, are u ready for this? Just take time out for u and your kids and pray.

  7. I really think the classier bw would do better with non-bm. It's 2021 now, and although many men in general are childishly hostile toward bw (projecting/casting their own misery), there are STILL PLENTY of good non-bm interested in bw, and its PAST time that (some) bw stop hiding behind the whole "non-bm are racist and not interested in bw" mantra. You get a pass on it because many men ARE racist, so no one questions your "Woe is me, men hate bw" cry, but its more obvious now that many ARE into bw, have done good deeds FOR bw, protected bw, etc, and some bw just need to open up their options to other races of men and stop limiting themselves to bm who expect bw to just "take whatever treatment they get".

    Would LOVE to see Jennifer happy with a non-bm. NO group of men should be put on a pedestal, like women, none are not perfect, but they ARE the majority, especially in that income bracket, and dating IS A NUMBERS GAME!


  8. That story about her "just so happen" to not go visit her family because he asked her to spend the weekend with him always sound crazy too me! I'm not saying stuff like that can't happen, but for some odd reason both of their careers skyrocketed! Anyone else notice, or am I alone?

  9. I'm starting to question who was behind her family death. Was it Jennifer and Clive Davis. Everytime one of the stars get lots of money someone or some people end up dead, they have to do homosexual activities or they have to get addicted to a drug then die themselves. One of the three. Huummmm… That part. Souls 4 Sale..

  10. Jennifer Hudson is an amazing singer, actress I feel like if the relationship had to end it wasn't from lack of trying, to make it work . I feel like she would do whatever is in the best interest of their child. Jennifer you should have given yourself some time, you were going through alot at the beginning of your career, if David had a hand in putting his hands on his wife in a negative way, then he deserves to be by the curbside .

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