Ja Morant Suspension Cost NLE Choppa A Powerade Commercial Placement

The fallout from Ja Morant’s suspension has affected more than just the Memphis Grizzlies star. TMZ reports that NLE Choppa lost a Powerade commercial placement over the brand’s canceled ad campaign that featured Morant. 

The campaign was set to kick off during the NCAA’s “March Madness” and featured NLE Choppa’s new single “Mo Up Front.” The commercial was scraped after Morant was suspended for waving a gun in front of the camera during an Instagram Live.

Despite the fallout, Memphis native NLE Choppa is still a fan of Morant and will continue to support his hometown team. He walked the Grizzlies out during their home opener, showing he is a big-time fan. He is scheduled to appear in the team’s celebrity basketball game set to take place on March 20. More than just a fun exhibition game, it benefits St. Jude’s Hospital.

NLE Choppa might have lost out on the commercial, but his fans will be getting a lot of new music. The rapper dropped “Mo Up Front” last week as a single from his upcoming album, Cottonwood 2. Next week, he is set to release another single featuring Lil Wayne, titled “Ain’t Gonna Answer.” The project will be released sometime this spring.  


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