John Mayer Is A Predator? | Perez Hilton

I think #TaylorSwift was definitely onto something! I thought #JohnMayer had grown up and changed, but… was I wrong? This and …


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17 thoughts on “John Mayer Is A Predator? | Perez Hilton”

  1. He says of you: If you meet Perez Hilton, you realize this is not anyone the world should be scared of. He’s not a very bright guy, and I also think he has some sort of clinical ADHD — he seems to exhibit some sort of post-traumatic thing. He’s uneducated and highly opinionated. It is the worst combination in a human being.

  2. Yes. He's mentally 19. A lot of men are that way. They don't want to be with women and men their age who are more likely to have healthy boundaries and formed personalities. They're into manipulation.

  3. With all this women's empowerment stuff going on, at one point do we give women credit for being able to make her own dating choices? It's like whenever it comes to a man, women no matter the age are mentally children. If the age were reversed there would be a lot of "you go girl" going on. He'd be her "boytoy". Mayer is not a predator and there will be no police investigation. That dum dum Taylor Swift had a CHOICE to date Mayer when she was 19. People would be complaining about a 70 year old man dating a 45 year old woman. What does he talk about with her? She's just a BABY. He's a predator. Arghhhhh. Let women tell it, if a man is 70 he's supposed to be dating an 85 year old woman!!

  4. If you do a little more digging you’ll see other people, in the paparazzi videos his friends owners of camp high come out with them from dinner also her assitant too. This wasn’t a one on one date

  5. Kiernan appeared in Pictures with Mayer and Cazzie David at his birthday party on 2021. I think she's been in his orbit awhile. Besides the obvious, what does a 45 yo talk to a 22 yo about? 🤷‍♀️

  6. I agree with the other women who called into the podcast. I am now almost 50 years old, and between the ages of 19 to 25. You’re still developing as a woman and figuring out who you are and any man that is more than a decade older than you that shows interest is creepy and gross. If the man is mature, then he would be looking for women on his same maturity level. Why would an adult men go looking to a young teenager to be their equal? That’s either a super Duper immature man who mentally needs a teenager to match him, or a predator looking to manipulate a young girl. It’s creepy and gross.

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