Martin Sheen Tears Up Talking About Son Charlie's HIV Diagnosis

Martin opened up about his son’s headline-making revelation just hours after Charlie made his announcement.


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39 thoughts on “Martin Sheen Tears Up Talking About Son Charlie's HIV Diagnosis”

  1. And, THAT is how every person NEEDS to immediately let others in their life know that they are positive. HIV positive.
    NEVER hesitate. People do, in fact, DIE from that stuff. 😪

  2. I remember reading an article about Charlie Sheen he said when he was about 20 years old he had a dream and he saw himself across the road he had a t-shirt on that read HIV

  3. So for a very long time, I was so angry, I was angry that I did what I was supposed to, I took care of myself, and all it took was one time of failed protected sex. It does fail sometimes and I unfortunately was one of those times and I don’t know when. When I was diagnosed, my partner of the time held my hand and made a promise to me that he was there no matter my status. Him saying that gave me some comfort but, inside I was angry, I was angry that I didn’t go a little further in my safe sex practices, I was angry because I felt like my body had failed me, I was angry because all my tests kept coming back positive but my partners were always negative. I know it’s awful that a small part of me wanted him to go through what I had to go through but he wasn’t and didn’t. I was angry that I felt alone even though I knew I wasn’t. So with all my anger I ignored the HIV. I took my antivirals and went about my life. I never actually dealt with it. Few years later my partner and I separated for other reasons. I felt it was necessary for me to talk to a counselor. My status was brought up, and I felt my anger I locked in a box come out. We talked, he told me his story, but then he asked me something I will never forget. He asked me, “why be angry at something you can’t change?” From that moment I let it go. I have this disease that isn’t a death sentence anymore, I’m undetectable, I’m healthy and taking care of myself. but its all thanks to jack for introducing me to dr kanayo 14 herbal medicine. this herbal medicine cure my hiv virus after i used it just for 2 week im so happy with my new Negative Result. get in touch with dr kanayo whatsapp +1(909)375-5642

  4. He loves his son..He will be always be there for his Sons,Wife!They are just great ,Close family for sure!I wouldn't think Martin would leave his alone ever in time of need Good Father ! Fathers & Moms are your best friends!💙💙💙💙

  5. Is he dead yet? He was so pathetic on the news everyday, bragging all the women he was getting, all the money, both he and his wife left their kids? … What a douche-bag he is ..

  6. Thats a good thing Charlie did admitting his illness.Bad thing is all the people he infected..I have watched movies of Martin Sheen when he was young.His Son looks 100% like his twin.I never have seen a son look more like his father..

  7. I’m not a fan of Charlie but I can emphasize for his condition. He may not be perfect but he’s lucky to have a lot of support especially from his dad. That’s all anyone can ask for at this point.

  8. I feel the most sorry for the women he must have infected when he didn't know he had HIV. The beginning stages are highly infectious. He tried to tell he's been having safe sex.. well if he did, he wouldn't catch it in the first place!

  9. I feel bad for Charlie Sheen. He made wrong choices in life. He loved to be with women, doesn't every man want that for himself? To say he is a pedo is an abomination, sure Charlie was a sex alcoholic but I high doubt he was a pedo. I hope there is something out there that can help Charlie. He was brave to come out and tell the world about his diagnosis now he is this, that and the other! People are such hypocrites why beat up a man when he is down?

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