Netflix fires Danny Masterson amid sexual assault allegations

Three women claim “The Ranch” star raped them in the early 2000s but Masterson was never charged with a crime and has …





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40 thoughts on “Netflix fires Danny Masterson amid sexual assault allegations”

  1. I thought that you were innocent until proven guilty.1 and now that he's proven innocent I think he is old a humongous apology. And now they want to take him back to court and retard trial again that's BS. To me that's grasping at straws. The courts of the United States are too crowded for this kind of BS

  2. he should not have been terminated without verdict..these allegations also are over 20 years old, never any physical evidence nor police corroboration of anything.. these ladies would have known scientology would never do anything for them..if they were injured, they should have taken appropriate responses at the time.. not so easy, i understand ,but still..also guys get accused of rape all the time when nothing ever happened..especially when guys rich..good way to get revenge for whatever, get money, fame ,attention.

  3. These men honestly don’t think they did anything wrong. They have mental disorders and a screwed reality, and they try and convince others that their view is correct.

  4. This comment section has aged liked Milk in the Summer Sun. It's pretty sad that the public automatically think he's innocent just cuz the character Hyde made them laugh alot several years ago. Now we know why celebrities get away with stuff. Complete strangers will defend them to no end. This comment section is all the proof you need.

  5. Either 90% of comments here are hardcore Scientologist or they're very hardcore fans that can't see past their own worship of a celebrity?

  6. It's hilarious how everyone is just coming out now, why didn't they do that when it actually happened, where the evidence is still alive? This is Serious garbage

  7. Masterson was fired over these allegations and he did absolutely nothing in response…..If i was innocent, i would have sued netflixes ass off for wongful dismissal, defamation of character etc. Masterson doing nothing SAYS IT ALL!! HE IS SOOOOO GUILTY!!!

  8. This is similar to Bill Cosby they are after Danny because he has money I've seen religious belief's get attacked to and when they hate your belief they will do what they can to destroy you. I'm just going to put this down for you guys #metoo bullshit

  9. 6 I hate this cases because all the sudden three women got together and were like yeah he raped us a separate times on separate places and we know each other and we know that he raped us so let's go in together or is it like one and then the other than the other but they're making it sound like three girls walked in and said hey he raped me and different years different times different places but he raped me and I'm not saying anything until you know 20 years later or whatever but on the other hand he could have done it and we all know that you know Stars use their Aura so bring women in and have sex with women you know women throw themselves at stars and and then what proof do they have besides their testimony that this rape occurred cuz he said she said at this point and it's been 20 years and I do understand what science I would do that you know you're not allowed to Cops we're excommunicated you're not allowed to go against stars and chief or whatever or your ex communicated you lose your family and friends and everything and they might have been in a position where they couldn't talk but how did they all three of them know that they were raped by the same man and go in at the same time and be like hey we are all three raped

  10. This video needs to be used as educational material for boys as to what not to do, like Dustin Hoffman did. Questioning assault allegations is not allowed. Publicly lynching the accused is encouraged though.

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