Parallel Lives (1994) Jim Belushi | Liza Minnelli – Drama HD

A college reunion turns into a tangled web of passion, romance and intrigue as old friends and enemies catch up over a long …


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22 thoughts on “Parallel Lives (1994) Jim Belushi | Liza Minnelli – Drama HD”

  1. Is this the comment section for
    “Keaton Cop?” They’re all on one board for whatever reason. Well THAT one, while
    I loved the previous two is COMPLETELY reprehensible. Crude, vile, perverted, horrible acting…you name it. Don’t waste your time!

  2. This comment went to “Bone Daddy, not “The Fixer.” Not sure why they are screwed up but both are great!!!

    What a great treasure to find today! Star-studded film that’s truly interesting with humor, showing all walks of life. You NEVER see that anymore! A definite keeper!

  3. Crazy mixed up kids ! – All of US ? "Suitably Insane / Quirky !" – In other words = Absolutely BRILLIANT. Thoroughly Appreciated and Enjoyed…

  4. Makes it look like there is nothing good about old age, which may be close but it misses completely the value of wisdon and perspective. Can these be the college graduates who voted for President Trump?

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