Shocked to know the real identity of the husband!

Rakhi got married to her longtime boyfriend Adil Ali Durrani a few days ago. Her husband left Hinduism and accepted Islam. But this family is now teetering on the edge of the abyss. In the meantime, the husband handed over the divorce to the police. Now she told the story of being shocked to hear her husband’s true identity. This information has emerged in a report of the Indian media.

According to reports published in Indian media, Rakhi knew Adil to be rich before marriage. But after marriage, he got to know her true identity. He claims Adil is a bus driver. He lives in the slum with his family. Rakhi said that Adil’s house is in Mysuru, India. She got the true identity of her husband there. Adil has seen with his own eyes that he lives in the slums with his family. Even though he is known to be rich, he is actually a driver by profession.

Rakhi gave more gruesome information about her husband. Said that Adil is bisexual. He came to know this after going to Mysuru. The controversial actress started crying after saying these things about Adil. At that time Rakhi said that there is no problem with the poor. But Adil could tell the truth.’

Meanwhile, Adil is currently in a jail in Mysuru. Rakhi came to meet Adil after visiting the house. However, he did not tell whether he had told her husband about lying.

Earlier Rakhi Sawant told reporters standing outside the Mysuru court in Karnataka, ‘Adil married me. Talked to Adil’s father. He said, they cannot accept me. Because I am Hindu. I then told them, I accepted Islam, your son married me. Hearing this, he cut my phone line. Adil always threatens to divorce me.’

Don’t ask for divorce even if the bitterness with the husband goes to the court. In his words – ‘I don’t want to divorce Adil, I am his wife. Her father treated me very badly. I don’t know anyone from Mysuru, but I want justice. I accepted Islam. I have all my marriage papers with me. Now tell me where I should go, what I should do.’

Rakhi met Adil in Mysuru a year ago. Rakhi converted to Islam eight months ago and got married to Adil. Their marriage was registered in Mumbai. Adil promises her that they will be together, have children and do many more things together.

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