The Reason Michelle Williams Won't Watch Her Own Work

There’s a reason why ‘Fosse/Verdon’ star Michelle Williams chooses not to watch any of her own work. Subscribe To “The Late …


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42 thoughts on “The Reason Michelle Williams Won't Watch Her Own Work”

  1. Her creative process ie not watching her work and her last comment " I make them for her" reveal a deep sense of personal journey throughout the whole deal. All or nothing maybe? It sure pays off in the end. Not a lot like her i dare to say.

  2. I want a girlfriend like her 🥺 I've grown out of being drawn to toxic, troubled women and realise there simply aren't many women like Michelle.

  3. I was gonna suggest it was because she knows deep down that she decapitated her unborn child in order to make it in the world's most self-obsessed institution, but that's like beating a dead horse . . .

  4. She tries sooooo hard to detract from her very basic white girl features- her nose and eyelids – see when she was on Dawson’s creek. Now with the hair style being so high fashion and again taking she’s so far on one end that she looks decent but if u look u can tell it’s still her.

  5. Michelle, you are amazingly accomplished, as an advocate, actress, singer, and performer. You found Gwen’s voice perfectly, her intonation, her singing voice (with all the vibrato) WOW. Mind Blowing job. Huge respect for your multi dimensional talent.

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