The Tragic Life Story Of Renee Zellweger

How Renée Zellweger Struggled In Hollywood. After Disappearing For Years And Returning As An Oscar Winner In 2020.


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42 thoughts on “The Tragic Life Story Of Renee Zellweger”

  1. I simply adore Renee Zellweger. She's at the top of her game and has become one of the best actresses in Hollywood. There hasn't been a single role I've seen her play that I didn't like. I'd hardly refer to her life as tragic as I would inspiring and admirable.

  2. I don’t think that Renee resembles anything like what Judy Garland had gone through as a very very very young child. Judy Garland, née Gum, grew up in the studio the big big big MGM! Renee had a different path, but both are wonderfully talented people ! Judy started as a little more than four-year-old child and a world of man and money. I think that is where it might be a little more different between Judy and Renee. I just want to congratulate Renee for her absolute wonderful performance as Judy. I’m going on Friday to get my haircut just like that! God bless you Judy, God bless you Renee

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