Tori Spelling Grew Up in a 56,000-Square-Foot Mansion

Actor and author Tori Spelling joins Jeff and Shane to discuss the enormous house in which she spent her teen years, and her …


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39 thoughts on “Tori Spelling Grew Up in a 56,000-Square-Foot Mansion”

  1. No she didn't. Candy says they moved in when Tori was 17. I'm sure she lived in a mansion before and even at birth probably a great home since Aaron was older. But she maybe had 3 years in THE Spelling Manor.

  2. How many children in Appalachia could that feed? How many people in Appalachia could have dental care with that excess?
    This is all unnecessary excess. All for show, unless you have 100 people in your family.

  3. Thoer PARENTS should have spaced out thier inheritance and they SHOULD have GOTTEN a little more money . But I do agree they SHOULD have a FIANACIAL planner to help with the MONEY.



  6. She is so beautiful and I’ve always looked up to her. I always felt her pain that she has deep down inside. She is an incredible woman and a woman with class. I feel so bad that so many judge her she is about as real as someone can be. She has a heart of gold. A wonderful mother.

  7. I like Tori. Her dad worked to make a nice life for the whole family. I'm sure he'd want his kids and grandkids to be comfortable and taken care of. There's plenty to go around. Why does Candy get all the money all the time?

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