Tragic Details About Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin is one of the most influential filmmakers to have ever lived, with a 75-year-career and more than 80 movies to his …


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42 thoughts on “Tragic Details About Charlie Chaplin”

  1. Desculpa, vocês poderiam traduzir isso por voz..Tem muita gente que gosta e não tem inglês fluente.CHARLIE CHAPLIN era um cara que gostava do povo e queria que lhe copiassem aprendendo cinema. Mas a família dele é tão isolada . Só o irmão SIDNEI CHAPLIN era cativante.Fazem morrer o intento deste mágico do cinema .Não enterrem suas.memorias….

  2. So noone is gonna say how creepy he looked n gave kids across the world the creeps? Not gonna say how fucking strange that dude was… Fn FREAKSHOW.

  3. He was not perfect and wasn't meant to be…We love his work and everything great thing he did…Let's celebrate his greatness but remember he was also human and made mistakes like everyone else.

  4. I am very disappointed to hear that he molested a few very young women, dumping them after they gave birth to HIS children.
    Then there were other instances later on, where he seduced and dumped women. There is no excuse and it mars his brilliance and achievements.

  5. Goes to show, never idolize anyone. Dont think "I want to be like them", or "they're a good person". It's idealistic folly to believe a person to be wholly good, everyone has their dark side and the brightest lights cast the deepest shadows. Praise a man for his actions, not his character, that way you can admire a man for his actions alone. Charlie, like Ghandi, was a pedophile, who impregnated plenty of young girls and did nothing to support them. But both did great things in their lives too. As people, they were terrible, more deserving of a bullet than praise. But their actions had their merits and where merit is, so must be praise, but praise the action, not the man. There is a sickness in society, where we indoctrinate children with questions like 'who do you want to be like when you grow up?' A simple question, with good intent, but can be damning in the longrun. Your hero isnt cast of gold and their actions arent all pure of heart. When we teach children to dream about being like someone, you doom them to make the same mistakes. Rather, we should teach children to admire actions instead. Admire a man's acts of kindness and good, not the man himself, so you can embody those acts of kindness and good, while avoiding the evil that went hand in hand with it. For instance, Nelson Mandela, who was a terrorist, part of bombings and countless acts of arson, thrown in prison for real acts of terrorism… But united a nation and ruled justly. But through his past, he ensured that countless criminals were placed in positions of power, where after his death, they could use the system he built to rob the nation.

  6. YouTube channels like this are sometimes the worst places to learn about a public figure. If you are interested in learning about Charlie Chaplin I highly recommend what is considered to be the best book on him, Charlie Chaplin: His Life and Art by David Robinson. Why is a book potentially better? Consider this. David Robinson took the time to fact check Chaplin's autobiography (another excellent book) and discovered that Chaplin had a remarkable memory. He found his recollections were remarkably accurate.

  7. So Charlie Chapman was ephebophile smh. Hollyweird was fully aware of but turned their heads because he made a lot of money smdh. It's disgusting how society for centuries normalized true deviant behavior

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