Whitney Cummings And Taylor Tomlinson Have A Girl Fight

Clipped from S19 E07 which originally aired October 25th, 2020. This Redbar Radio clippers channel is not affiliated in any way …


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37 thoughts on “Whitney Cummings And Taylor Tomlinson Have A Girl Fight”

  1. There was a copyright claim for the song "Young Boy" by the artist Calypso Rose so we had to mute the audio from 35:13 to 37:02. Otherwise, there would be ads run on the video which is the antithesis of Redbar Radio ethos. Enjoy over an hour and ten minutes of your favorite sophisticated edge lord in this clip.

  2. It’s rough when Redbar makes me take the side of the other person.

    He’s quite literally the guy that got rejected by every girl and the person nobody invited to the party, but he showed up..

    Secure people don’t jealously rant for 3 hours about people in the industry they couldn’t get into…

    Shocked nobody has ended this guy… not funny, comments on everybody’s physical appearance and doesn’t really make sense?

    Dudes a loser. Picks on everybody and doesn’t think we see the fashion poser cool guy energy…

    What a bummer..

  3. Whitney Cummings is the worst "comedian "ever and she believes that she just made her best stuff ever as in I think 🤔 she believes she actually made something really funny,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  4. 31:18 seeing stuff like this as someone like a diaz or trippoli watches these clips is probably like having a dream you're being chased by a clown, thinking you gto away, only to look up a pair of outside steps and seeing the joker dancing down them intently and purposefully.

  5. I found Redbar a few years ago and I realized it's a am I a massive asshole test. I didn't bat a lash and anything he said and realized I'm a serious fucking dick. Thanks Mike!

  6. Saw the 2nd WC and TT show more recently and frankly, WC was a twaffle. She does the backhanded thing, the condescending thing, and the rampant overprojection. I had second hand embarrassment for Whit and I admired Taylor for not being bulldozed. TT was over Whit's disingenuous "mentorship." I don't get the comics who fawn over her like Little E. I watch WC's show when she has good guests. How she treats men, hot men, and women are very different.She is also "obsessed" – her words – with everyone. How can she be obsessed with so many people? I do miss her interviews with neuroscientists and vets but she interjected to the point where I couldn't keep listening. She is often better on other podcasters' shows. Less obnoxious.Why did Bently go? The one thing that make she think she is okay is her work with animals. To me, it seems she has the last personality they'd want but she must be somewhat ok if they like her.I would love to see her with Lex or a relationship with a dom. Which Lex might be. It might be relaxing for her in the same way some high powered business men like it.

  7. I have to admit, Taylor's got some balls on her. I kinda like that she really is saying how she feels. Whitney going after her hair really made this girl go "fuck it" in her head. It's kinda awesome.

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