Who has Ashley Olsen dated? Boyfriends List, Dating History

Ashley Fuller Olsen is an American child actress and fashion designer, who rose to fame along with her twin sister Mary-Kate, …


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1 thought on “Who has Ashley Olsen dated? Boyfriends List, Dating History”

  1. who cares who Ashley has dated or is dating as long as she finds happiness for herself, id rather hear if she'd ever come back to acting. i doubt they'll ever come back, but you know what they say, never say never right. they were invited to be on Fuller House to reprise Michelle since her character name is often referenced, but they turned it down. well i should say Ashley turned it down. Mary-Kate thought about it, but in the end she chose not to based on her sisters decision. i think we know why Ashley in particular didn't wanna do it, two words Bob Saget. i think we all know they probably remember some stuff he did they'd rather forget, why do you think all those comedians did a roast on Bob. he didn't break the law by touching them, he only did what they told him to do with that doll, but just the idea of a man doing that to a doll who's supposed to be Michelle doesn't sit well. who in that staff thought that would be a good idea, and for Bob to not even get them to change there mind or say this ain't a good idea, he just goes for it and they were only 4 when there mom saw this. they would've been too young to understand, but im sure they remember it more today. Ashley was closest to Bob when he went ahead with the doll. how that show managed to survive after that is beyond me, but that just goes to show how Hollywood gets away with alot of questionable shit. so im glad they didn't come back, Ashley claimed she never felt comfortable on camera, but im sure there's more to it. sometimes you don't always remember everything that happens in your childhood until you get older, and then one day out of nowhere you recall something you remember during childhood you forgot about. im sure Mary-Kate recalls the time Bob got in the bath with her, because they weren't babies anymore in that episode. they were atleast 3 or 4. to be honest id rather see Ashley bring back So Little Time with her sister, because that was a better show.

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