You Don’t Need A Fat Ass To Get A Baller

It is crazy how many women think they are not good enough because they don’t have a FAT ASS or pretty (very pretty, please) face!  Especially young women.  Folks talking about ASS this and that.  I have a nice ass and appreciate it.  It took me YEARS to make friends with it, but we are good now.

You don’t need a fat ass to get a baller.  Most ballers don’t marry a fat ass (of course, there are a few exceptions, and you can visit them in divorce court).  It’s way more complicated than that.  In fact, men could really care less if you just know how to work with whatcha got.

Swing those narrow hips, shake that little ass, and make it work for you.  The BBLs are not necessary.

Ballers love a confident woman!  If not, they will eat you alive, and not in a good way Put the needle down!

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